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UPDATE: An anonymous donor has pledged $2500 if we can double our current donors by Pi Day on March 14th! Please help us receive this gift by making a gift of ANY size. We hope to announce our campaign total at the Computational Lab Dedication for Dr. Paul Kaiser on March 14th.

Please help us build a Supercomputer at Lewis! 

A supercomputer is a computing device that has a processor and memory suited to explore complex problems at a level of detail that far exceeds what a typical laptop or desktop computer can examine. Most of today's most pressing problems defy simulation using simple models. Supercomputers harness the power of combinations of incredibly sophisticated processors and impressively large amounts of memory to examine problems with a level of detail that helps researchers gain new insights about real systems and problems.

The Lewis Supercomputer will be housed in the new Paul and Kathleen Kaiser Computational Science Laboratory. Twelve years ago, Dr. Paul Kaiser assembled a supercomputer from five donated desktop machines. Through this new effort, we will be able to build upon Dr. Kaiser's initial work and using four NVidia Tesla C2050 processors and 64GB of memory to create a machine with the processing power of at least ten individual desktop or laptop machines running simultaneously. Students and faculty from across the University will be able to use the supercomputer to examine pressing issues in their own disciplines and to collaborate on research that helps us understand, educate, safeguard, and advance society.

If we hit our fundraising goal of $10,000 by April 3rd, we will deploy the supercomputer in the fall of 2017. The more we are able to raise through this effort, the more powerful a supercomputer we will be able to build, and the more opportunities there will be for our students and faculty.


  • Make a gift of $400 or more and you can name one of the cores that make up a compute node.
  • Make a gift of $1,000 or more and you will be able to name one of the drives in the SAN.
  • Make a gift of $6,000 or more and you will be able to name the entire compute node.

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