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Traveling abroad can be a life-changing experience. Students are offered the opportunity to get outside their comfort zones and be exposed to different cultures and languages as well as meet new people. The relationships and memories made will remain valued throughout their lives. It is even more special when you are traveling abroad with a group of friends and teammates. For that very reason, the Lewis University Women’s Basketball Team will be traveling to France May 20-30, 2019 as a way to experience this unique opportunity together.

Our student-athletes will receive knowledge in the history concerning Lewis University and its founder, John Baptist De La Salle.

I anticipate that this trip will broaden my understanding of our global community allowing me to have a greater appreciation for what it means to attend a Lasallian university and live the mission.”- Carly Graverson- Junior

Athletes will also visit historical sites such as the World War II D-Day Invasion site at Normandy, explore incredible landmarks and experience playing basketball in Europe! The bonds made on this trip will strengthen this team both on and off of the court.

Show that you care by making a gift of any size to support the Lewis University Women’s Basketball Team reach their goal. A one-time gift is wonderful, or a recurring monthly gift will allow for this opportunity to truly come to life.

Merci pour votre soutien! (Thank you for your support!)

For more information, please contact:

Aindrea Hogan, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, at (815) 588-7542 or ahogan1@lewisu.edu.


Please note: Student-athletes are not recipients of the donations, and funds are not earmarked for a specific student athlete’s use. All donations go to Lewis University and the corresponding program within the Intercollegiate Athletic Department.