Air Race Support

  • Megan Zahos
  • Mickael Ashworth
  • Megan Shaffer
  • Dan Magner
  • Dave Zurek
  • Sam Blackburn
  • Abigail King


2019 Women's Air Race Classic

The Women's Air Race Classic is an annual event that has been taking place for 90 years. This four day, twenty-five hundred-mile journey starts in Tennessee and ends in Canada and is an opportunity to encourage the pioneering nature of many young female aviators. Historic women in aviation including Louise Thaden, Phoebe Omlie and Amelia Earhart have competed in the prestigious race. 

Sponsoring the Lewis University Air Race Classic Team allows our students, Megan Shaffer, and Mickael Ashworth, to participate in this historic race. This is vital for the continued development of our program and will help to keep Lewis at the forefront of promoting women in the field of aviation. 

Help us fly to new heights! Your gift will allow us to provide the following resources to compete in the race:

  • A gift of $600 will cover the entrance fee for one pilot 
  • A gift of $350 will provide the uniforms needed for the trip
  • A gift of $250 will provide fuel for one day of the trip
  • A gift of $100 will purchase a ForeFlight Canada navigation subscription
  • A gift of $60 will provide meals for one day
  • A gift of $30 will provide the Department of Homeland Security Decal

Double your impact! CABAA will match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $4,000!

Meet the pilots taking part in this exciting adventure by clicking here 

Please consider making a gift today to support Lewis in participating in the Women's Air Race Classic. For more information please contact Dennisa Walker at 815-836-5882.

Please note: Student are not recipients of the donations, and funds are not earmarked for a specific student's use. All donations go to Lewis University, specifically to support the Women's Air Race Classic.